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Petite nerdy babe Miriam More kneels before Pascal White, her world filled with the tantalizing scent of his cologne. He pulls down her white knee-high stockings, revealing the lace lingerie that hugs her curves. Her round ass clenches as she welcomes his touch, and she moans softly as his fingers trail down her slender back. The sound of her thigh-high socks slipping off echoes in the room as she parts her thighs, inviting him between them. Pascal White, renowned for his expertise in satisfying sweet petites, delves into her velvety pussy with expert precision. Miriam’s head falls backward as she’s overwhelmed by increasingly intense sensations. She gasps for breath as Pascal’s powerful cock invades her young body, and her adrenaline spikes. Maniacal moans fill the room as Pascal’s insatiable mien pulverizes Miriam’s senses. Her mind spirals as she soars on the bedrock of pleasure, and Pascal White thrusts in and out, sending her into a frenzy of ecstasy. Their bodies united, they reach the pinnacle of their desires. Her screams of unadulterated pleasure pierce the night as she falls into his arms, her moans bellowing out like the deep rumbling of an unstoppable thunderstorm. The scene culminates in an orgy of lust and desire, fueled by their insatiable yearnings.

Date: July 10, 2024

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