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The sexy secretary kneels behind her spacious mahogany desk, stockings clad feet caressing the smooth polish. Her signature thigh-highs, in a matching shade of beige, peak over the skirt’s hemline. Her hands glide sensuously across the crystal paperweight, causing a soft rattle. She leans forward, arching her back, and exposes plump cleavage. She lips are inviting, and her eyes shimmer with seduction. The secretary grasps the buttons of her blouse, and with a fluid motion, reveals a black lace bra, eliciting a low moan. Her fingertips trace the satin fabric, and she lowers her head to kiss her taut nipples, then gently bites them, causing her to release a soft sigh. She spirals her tongue over her tongue ring, which glimmers in the dim light. She stands effortlessly, her legs moving as if one fluid motion. She sidesteps to her right, her pantyhose hugging her curves. Her skirt flips with a flick of her wrist, and her bottom juts out, casting her derriere into shadow. She sinks gracefully to the floor and straddles her chair, bending at the waist to tease her wetness. Inhaling deeply, she grips the chair’s armrests, arching her spine and grinding pelvis into the leather. She moans, and her hips undulate to an unseen beat, the secret rhythm pounding within her. She abandons her undergarments, revealing a globular thong, clad in the same beige. She hooks her fingers into the fabric and slowly pulls it from beneath her, allowing the fabric to brush across her sensitive skin. She pulls her legs to the side, her dress’s hemline now exposing her thighs.

Date: July 10, 2024

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